Welcome to G.N.F.L!

G.N.F.L. is a small, customer-focused, results-based fitness group. The key to its success is an one-on-one approach. This includes:
* Personal strength training
* Semi-private
* Signature classes
* Small boot camps

This is not a gym! There is no monthly membership charge or sign-up fee. As a personal fitness group, our goal is to provide one-on-one or semi-private instruction, support and motivation to all our clients. You pay only for the services you sign up for and use.

We offer the following:
* Customized and individualized personal training
* Comprehensive nutrition plans
* Supplement recommendations
* Realistic goal setting that produces realistic results
* Evaluation and plan maintenance
* Delicious and nutritious options

Make your fitness goal a reality. Lose weight, increase strength, improve flexibility, reduce stress and feel fantastic. We offer packages and programs that will accommodate any schedule including sports-specific training.

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