MR. LEWIS’S HEALTH CLASSES Archive from 2011-2015

Welcome to my website! I hope you will be able to use this site as a resource in my class. I will keep all assignments posted on here. You will also be able to look back at previous assignments if you have been absent. My site has RSS feeds, which allows you to subscribe and receive updates. Feel free to email me with any questions at

STUDENT LOGINS- The students will have logins on the school computers. They can access these drives from home.

This page is dedicated to Iroquois High School Health classes.  Be sure to check here often for assignment information as well as daily class work that was covered.  Resources and links to other information given in class, as well as additional assistance,  will be posted often.  Health topics change rapidly, therefore, it is my goal to share my knowledge with each and every one of you.


The syllabus that we discussed in class today is posted here for your reference.  Please remember that it is our goal to accomplish all that is listed, however, there may be unforeseen circumstances where we may not get to everything.  I’m excited about the school year and hope that you are as well.