Day 4 First Day Review and Personal Health

Channel One News

Channel One Daily News Quiz

1. How did the hackers make money from the fraud?
a. They posted fake charges to people’s credit cards.
b. They bought cheap stocks and sold them at an inflated price.
c. They transferred pennies from people’s savings accounts into their own accounts.
d. They created false expenses at the companies they hacked in order to collect payments.

2. How did President Obama honor fallen soldiers on Veterans Day?
a. by giving a speech at the Vietnam War Memorial
b. by placing a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns
c. by holding a moment of silence at the White House
d. by gathering with veterans at the World War II Memorial

3. Why does the segment include the information about the cost of installing seat belts on buses?
a. to explain how buses would be safer with seat belts
b. to explain why most buses do not yet have seat belts
c. to explain how a new regulation would change things
d. to explain why people are pushing for seat belts on all buses

4. What is one reason Iran is attracting more tourists than before?
a. Traveling to Iran is less expensive than going to most European cities.
b. Tourists are eager to see recently discovered archaeological sites.
c. A new hotel in Iran is geared toward Western tourists.
d. The political climate in Iran is more moderate now.

5. Which detail from the segment most strongly conveys why the U.S. State Department still urges Americans to avoid travel to Iran?
a. “Nothing is as it seems.”
b. “A lot of my friends were warning me.”
c. “[There are] civil wars and terror threats in bordering countries.”
d. “Iran made a string of arrests, including five journalists and an American businessman.”

  1. b;  2. b;  3. b;  4. d;  5. d

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