Day 5 Chapter Review and Personal Health

Channel One News

Channel One Daily News Quiz:

1. Which detail from the segment best explains why the Kurds are trying to take back control of Sinjar?
a. “Smoke is rising in the city of Sinjar.”
b. “The Kurds are an ethnic group in the region.”
c. “The highway that runs through the city is [an] important supply route for ISIS.”
d. “Kurdish forces getting closer say they fear snipers, booby traps and homemade bombs.”

2. Why do the fantasy football sites claim that they are not gambling sites?
a. They say skill is required.
b. They say no one ever loses.
c. They say money is not part of the contests.
d. They say they have received no complaints.

3. What does the Medal of Honor acknowledge and honor?
a. bravery
b. honesty
c. intellect
d. kindness

4. Which detail from the segment helps to explain why many students are motivated to participate in the engineering challenge?
a. “[She] always knew she loved science.”
b. “It is basically determining how light reflects.”
c. “It’s also a display thought up by high school students.”
d. “The design…has to be fun and playful.”

5. What percent of a traditional shower’s water does the Nebia use?
a. 8%
b. 10%
c. 30%
d. 70%

1. c; 2. a; 3. a; 4. d; 5. c

Personal Hygiene: Appearance, Behaviors, Health & Handwashing

Learning Targets - Chapter 14 Personal Health Sec 4


HPE06Personal Hygiene_s4

Chapter Video

Personal Hygiene


Health Week One#2

Health Week One#2

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