Day 11 Education and Money

Channel One News

Channel One Daily News Quiz:
1. Based on information in the Mali segment, which statement is true?
a. Officials have no clue as to which group staged the attack.
b. An extremist group says that it is responsible for the attack.
c. Several terrorist groups are claiming responsibility for the attack.
d. Authorities have proven that Al-Mourabitoun is behind the attack.

2. Which two feelings about snow does the segment convey?
a. concern and joy
b. trust and disgust
c. sadness and misery
d. boredom and anger

3. Based on information in the segment, which statement best summarizes the public’s change in attitude toward artificial ingredients in food?
a. The public used to not think about them and now demands them.
b. The public used to worry about them and now does not think about them.
c. The public used to think they were a sign of safety and now finds them concerning.
d. The public used to want them for taste reasons and now wants them for health reasons.

4. According to the segment, what is likely a motivating factor in food companies removing artificial ingredients from their products?
a. fines
b. profit
c. political pressure
d. ease of production

5. How is Dinner with Seven Strangers organized?
a. The host selects all the guests.
b. The organizers remain unknown.
c. The guests have a say in who attends.
d. The guests are in the same year at school.

1. b; 2. a; 3. c; 4. b; 5. b

Education and Money Instructor’s Notes

Education and Money Powerpoint

Education and Money


Starting out with 1,000 dollars you must find a job and make a life!


Health Week One#5

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