Day 15 Chapter 3, section 3 How Stress Affects your body

Channel One News

Channel One Daily News Quiz:
1. Why was the police superintendent asked to resign?
a. for committing first-degree murder
b. for sparking protests in the city of Chicago
c. for releasing police video without permission
d. for the way he handled a police shooting death

2. Which detail in the segment best conveys the extent of China’s pollution problem?
a. “Levels of the most poisonous particles were more than 20 times what the World Health Organization says is safe.”
b. “China has launched a so-called war on pollution.”
c. “Two-thirds of China’s energy comes from coal.”
d. “World leaders at the climate conference in Paris say making a deal to cut back on air pollution is urgent, and we must act now.”

3. What is the purpose of the salt label?
a. to help people limit their salt intake
b. to help people make sure they consume enough sodium
c. to help people determine which food items will taste good
d. to help people know if they will need to add salt to their food

4. What does the segment mean when using the word “buzzing” in the following sentence?
“The Giving Tuesday command center in New York City is buzzing.”
a. busy
b. quiet
c. opening
d. important

5. Why is Rosa Parks’s arrest an important event in American history?
a. It prompted the Black Lives Matter movement.
b. It immediately put an end to segregation in the South.
c. It led to the creation of the Youth Empowerment Summit.
d. It sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the civil rights movement.

1. d; 2. a; 3. a; 4. a; 5. d

Learning Targets - Chapter 3 section 3

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Prentice Hall – Chapter 3, section 3, Stress and Individuals

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Prentice Hall Chapter 3

The Grieving Process: Coping with Death

Stress Management Strategies: Ways to Unwind


Health Week 5th#3

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