Day 17 Chapter 2 Prentice Hall – Personality Chapter 02, Chapter Test

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Prentice Hall Chapter 2 Test

Multiple Choice

Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

  1. Your _____ consists of the behaviors, attitudes, feelings, and ways of thinking that make you an individual.
a. self-esteem
b. personality
c. self-actualization
d. identity
  1. Evaluate which of the following people is the most conscientious.
a. Victoria is frequently late to basketball practice.
b. David never studies and often sleeps in class.
c. Erica always keeps her room clean and orderly.
d. Miguel rarely finishes his homework on time.
  1. Identify the two main factors that determine how your personality develops.
a. culture and tradition
b. family and friends
c. appearance and gender
d. heredity and environment
  1. Identify the factor that does NOT influence personality.
a. heredity
b. friends
c. culture
d. eye color
  1. Which stage of personality development is represented by an 18-year-old girl considering her college and career options?
a. take initiative
b. develop skills
c. create and nurture
d. search for identity
  1. Arrange these stages of personality development in the correct order, from earliest to latest.
a. search for identity, take initiative, develop trust, look back with acceptance
b. look back with acceptance, develop trust, take initiative, search for identity
c. develop trust, take initiative, search for identity, look back with acceptance
d. search for identity, take initiative, look back with acceptance, develop trust
  1. Which of the following behaviors is most typical of people with high self-esteem?
a. bouncing back quickly from setbacks
b. having little respect for themselves
c. worrying too much about what others think of them
d. believing success is a matter of luck rather than hard work
  1. On average, what happens to self-esteem between childhood and adolescence?
a. It increases.
b. It decreases.
c. It stays the same.
d. It goes through a series of sharp increases and decreases.
  1. Choose a helpful method for improving your self esteem.
a. Focus heavily on your appearance.
b. Think only about your own concerns.
c. Try to learn from your mistakes.
d. Accept no compliments or flattery.
  1. Define self-actualization.
a. the trait that describes how responsible and self-disciplined you are
b. how much you respect yourself and like yourself
c. the behaviors, attitudes, feelings, and ways of thinking that make you an individual
d. the process by which people achieve their full potential
  1. Classify shelter from the elements into the proper level on the hierarchy of needs.
a. physical needs
b. safety
c. belonging
d. esteem
  1. Arrange the basic human needs in order according to Maslow’s hierarchy, starting at the bottom and ending at the top.
a. physical needs, safety, belonging, esteem
b. safety, physical needs, esteem, belonging
c. esteem, belonging, physical needs, safety
d. esteem, physical needs, belonging, safety
  1. Identify the emotion that is NOT a primary emotion.
a. happiness
b. sadness
c. anger
d. love
  1. Distinguish which of the following emotions are learned emotions.
a. love and guilt
b. happiness and anger
c. sadness and grief
d. fear and sorrow


Indicate whether the statement is true or false.

  1. Agreeableness is a trait that describes how responsible and self-disciplined you are.
  1. Self-esteem refers to how much other people like and respect you.
  1. An emotion is a reaction to a situation that involves your mind, body, and behavior.
  1. One of the steps of recognizing your emotions is to determine what triggered the emotion.

Short Answer

  1. Compare and contrast how heredity and environment influence personality traits.
  1. Use specific examples to demonstrate how a teenager may search for identity.


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