Day 20 Chapter 3, section 3 How Stress Affects your body

Channel One News

Happening Now at Channel One News:
• Have your students vote in our poll on whether parents should control their teens’ driving.
• Send your students to to learn more about a career in biomedical engineering.
• Teachers! What was your classroom’s favorite part about today’s show? Tweet your thoughts to @ChannelOneNews on Twitter.
Channel One Daily News Quiz:
1. What is the main purpose of the segment?
a. to explain how ISIS continues to recruit new members
b. to explain how Muslims are experiencing backlash after the terror attacks
c. to explain how the FBI is conducting its investigations into hate crimes against Muslims
d. to explain how the terror attacks have changed the talking points of presidential candidates

2. What is the purpose of the #NotInMyName?
a. to organize rallies against terror groups
b. to support the building of a new mosque
c. to express disagreement with political candidates
d. to protest against using the Muslim religion to promote violence

3. How many teens are killed in auto accidents every day?
a. one
b. two
c. four
d. six

4. What is one thing that Igor Spetic says he would like to do with his prosthetic hand?
a. play the electric guitar
b. remove stems from cherries
c. become a biomedical engineer
d. accurately squeeze toothpaste

5. What does the prosthetic hand need to interact with in order to be effective?
a. the eyes
b. the brain
c. the heart
d. the lungs

1. b; 2. d; 3. d; 4. d; 5. b

Learning Targets - Chapter 3 section 3

Todays Powerpoint

Prentice Hall – Chapter 3, section 3, Stress and Individuals

Chapter Video

Prentice Hall Chapter 3


Health Week 5th#3

Learning Objective
Closing Task

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