Workout Basics (Full Gym Workout)

Full Gym Workout

3-4 Sets with 10-15 reps Each Exercise for Cardiovascular

5 Sets with 5 reps for Each Exercise Strength and Muscle

Blood pooling is the phenomenon of a greater volume of blood gathering in the muscles during intense exercise. This occurs because of the greater oxygen demands during exercise and the body’s trying to supply that demand by the heart pumping faster. After an intense workout, one should engage in a cardiovascular cool down to return the body to a homeostatic state or state of balance. This can be accomplished by simply walking 4 or 5 minutes. The muscle contractions from walking will help squeeze the extra blood out of the muscles and back into the blood stream. By not doing this, there can be a corresponding drop in blood pressure if exercise is stopped abruptly. The steps to a proper work out are: 1. Cardiovascular warm up (light jog for 10 min) 2. Light to moderate full body stretch 3. Engage in planned workout 4. Cardiovascular cool down (if a cardio workout, to minimize blood pooling) 5. Post stretch. (This is the time to really engage in a great stretching workout because warm muscles stretch better and easier than cold muscles.)

Day 27 Chapter 4, Treating Mental Disorders, section 4 & Chapter 4 Test

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Chapter 4, Treating Mental Disorders, section 4

Chapter test Chapter 4 Test Mental Disorders

Treatment Of Psychological Disorders

Mental Health Treatment – His Experience with Residential Treatment

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Health Week 5th#3

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