Day 46 Prentice Hall – Chapter 15 Alcohol, section 1, Alcohol is a Drug

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Learning Targets - Chapter 15 section 1


Prentice Hall – Chapter 15 Alcohol, section 1 Alcohol is a Drug

Do Page 377, Section 1  1-7 Review Prentice Hall Health Book in your journals.

Chapter 15 Vide0

Alcohol Is Not A Teen Social Norm – Anti-Alcohol PSA Video

 Health Week One#1

Health Week One#2

Health Week One#3

Health Week One#4

Health Week One#5

Health Week One#6

Health Week 5th#6

Health Week 5th#7

Learning Objective
Closing Task

Week 10 Learning Targets and Lesson Plans – Soccer

We go to the weight room on Mondays and Fridays. Workout sheets will be provide in weight room.

PE- Soccer Lesson Plan #1PE- Soccer Lesson Plan #2

Beginning Soccer Activities

Soccer Lesson for Elementary PE

PE- Soccer Exit Slip

PE - Soccer Passing Accuracy Sheet Exit Slip

Soccer Test