Day 56 Prentice Hall – Chapter 18 Reproduction, section1, The Endocrine System

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Learning Targets - Chapter 18 section 1


Chapter 18 Reproduction & Heredity, section 1, The Endocrine System

Do Page 463, Section 1 Review Prentice Hall Health Book in your journals.

Chapter 18 Video

Reproductive System – Overview

Wellcast – Inside Puberty: What Are the Stages of Puberty?

Monday 10/26

Read Page 458-463,  Complete Section 1 Review

Tuesday 10/27

Read Page 464-468, Complete Section 2 Review

Wednesday 10/28

Read Page 469-475, Complete Section 3 Review

Thursday 10/29

Read Page 478-482, Complete Section 4 Review

Friday  10/30

Complete chapter 18 Review on page 484-485, Questions 1-29

Health Week One#1

Health Week One#2

Health Week One#3

Health Week One#4

Health Week One#5

Health Week One#6

Health Week 5th#6

Health Week 5th#7

Learning Objective
Closing Task

Week 12 Learning Targets and Lesson Plans – Cooperative Games & Recreation

We go to the weight room on Wednesday and Fridays. Workout sheets will be provide in weight room.

PE-Social Dance Lesson Plan #2
PE-Social Dance Lesson Plan #1
PE-Recreational Lesson PlanPE-Frisbee Lesson PlanPE-Frisbee SkillsPE-Frisbee Skills Exit Slip

How to play Ultimate 101 

PE- Cooperative Skills and Groups

How to play cornhole rules and scoring by Victory Tailgate

Cornhole Tips Cornhole Tossing Tip Strategy and CornHole Rules

PE-Setting a Personal Wellness Goal Exit SlipPE-Lifetime Activity Exit Slip