Welcome to Physical Education Week One

Day 1 – 08-09-2016

Welcome to my website! I hope you will be able to use this site as a resource in my class. I will keep all assignments posted on here. You will also be able to look back at previous assignments if you have been absent. My site has RSS feeds, which allows you to subscribe and receive updates. Feel free to email me with any questions at lajuan.lewis@jefferson.kyschools.us

STUDENT LOGINS- The students will have logins on the school computers. They can access edmodo from home. Click Here Enter your login Group Code:

The following represents a learning map for a high school physical education course but has provided lessons for more than 9 weeks. In the case that a physical education course is 12 or 18 weeks, the physical education teacher has two options: (1) Repeat a some of the lessons that were already taught for the second 9 weeks of the semester, making appropriate modifications to essential questions, learning targets and instructional activities; or (2) Using the focus classifications table below, create his/her own lessons that would be appropriate for the classroom based on the equipment and space have at his/her school.

Jefferson County Public Schools Physical Education Curriculum Map click to download

1st Week Physical Education Lesson Plans

We go to the weight room on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Workout sheets will be provide in weight room.

Click on Picture to view document

PE 1st Week

Chapter 1 McGraw Hill

What is Physical Education Seminar

 La Juan Lewis PE Open Day PPT

All About Me Health #1

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