Week 17 Physical Education Learning Targets and Lesson Plans – Evaluating Fitness and Wellness Products & Workout Log

I hope you all are staying safe, doing well, and practicing social distancing! You can either complete assignments on this website or google classroom on NTI Link instructions to receive credit. You have a choice of two different assignments to choose from each week and you are to only complete one. If you have any questions or need help regrading any school or non related school issues feel free to contact me.

Stay Home & Practice Social Distancing!

Mr. La Juan Lewis Eds., Teacher
Email: Lajuan.lewis@jefferson.kyschools.us
M: 502-437-9044 (text or say your name and request please)

or Fill Out Contact Form here!

We will complete a weekly work assignment on google classroom links below. 

Work to complete a Workout Log on google classroom:

  • Check google classroom. Assignment entitle “Daily Exercise Workout log”
  • Be physically active for 30 minutes 3 days a week, the google Form is located in google classroom where students can mark which days they have been able to exercise for 30 minutes and the type of exercises. 
  • Students will review Power-Point on Evaluating Fitness and Wellness products and Chapter video.

Exercise Workout Log

Concept 23 Evaluating Fitness and Wellness Products: Becoming an Informed Consumer Power Point

Spotting Weight Loss Scams

Amazon.com Fitness Favorites

1 Mile Walk at Home

PE-Recreational Lesson Plan


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