Health Education Prentice Hall Week 11 – Prentice Hall – Chapter 18 Reproduction

Week 11

You can either complete assignments on google classroom or on to receive credit. You have three assignments each week to complete. I will post the live stream class times on google classroom.  I will also upload a recorded video of the weekly lesson on google classroom and on this website. If you have any questions or need help regarding any school or non-related school issues, feel free to contact me.

Asynchronous Student Weekly Assignments

1. Watch Weekly Video on

        1. Week 11 Make-Up Work

        3. Perform the required 90 minutes of physical activity for the week then complete Physical Activity Exercise Log Week 11

      1. Powerpoints

        Chapter 18 Reproduction & Heredity, section 1, The Endocrine System

        Chapter 18 Reproduction & Heredity, section 2, The Male Reproductive System

        Chapter 18 Reproduction & Heredity, section 3, The Female Reproductive System

        Chapter 18 Reproduction, section 4, STD’s and Sexting

        Chapter 18 Video

        Reproductive System – Overview

        Wellcast – Inside Puberty: What Are the Stages of Puberty?

        Complete chapter 18 Review on page 484-485, Questions 1-29


        Types of Sexually Transmitted Infections

        When HIV Becomes AIDS (HIV #2)

        Wellcast – Sex! Real Talk about Losing Your Virginity

Week 11 Recorded Lesson


Lastly, if you missed anything from last week please go to google classroom and complete the assignments.


Mr. La Juan Lewis Eds., Teacher
M: 502-437-9044 (text or say your name and request please)

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