Health Education Week 5-Day 23 Prentice Hall – Chapter 5 Families Today, Section 1

You can either complete assignments on google classroom or on to receive credit. You have three assignments each week to complete. I will post the live stream class times on google classroom.  I will also upload a recorded video of the weekly lesson on google classroom and on this website. If you have any questions or need help regarding any school or non-related school issues, feel free to contact me.

Student Weekly Assignments

      1. Watch Weekly Videos on
      • K-W-L Health Education Message Board
      1. Complete Healthy Lifestyle Log – Week 5 Google Assignment

      3.Instagram Fitness Stories With Google Slides

      1. You also have the option of working on Edmentum to complete coursework and receive credit for attendance, grades, and credit for this class. The course name is titled Health 2nd Semester (Academy @Shawnee) is Self-Enroll Code: 3ffab7565d9d523d5f1cc9ffa1642a83 and Self-Enroll Password: he2021

      Please check google classroom for live links. The recorded Lesson will be uploaded on Wednesday.

CNN student News

Learning Targets - Chapter 5 section 1

Todays PowerPoint


TV Families Through the Years

The Evolution of the TV Family

Learning Objective
Closing Task

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