About Me

Myself Red

My jobs experiences include College Basketball Coach, Community School Liaison, Teacher, Dean of Students, Athletic Director, and Manager of Athletics for the City of Louisville. Combined with my educational credentials and teamwork with co-workers I have help students transitioning to and from everything from pathways, credit recovery, job placement, and mentorships to achieve their goals.
I have moved rapidly throughout all levels of teaching and community outreach with each position bringing more responsibility and accountability. I have become known for my ability to work with at-risk youth and helping them achieve their personal goals. My mantra of collaboration, communication, and commitment has been crucial in turning around school climate and students transferring to careers or some form of post-secondary education.

Professional Philosophy

According to statistics for 2009 released by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, overweight and obesity problems increased in all population groups and genders, and 61 percent of the total adult population was either overweight or obese. The report also indicates the 30 percent of school age children in America were overweight. My mission in my career has been to promote/teach/coach and managing healthy life styles and leadership thru physical activity.

Young people become involved in structured physical activity programs for various reasons: to develop competence, to build social relationships, to enhance fitness, and to have fun. However, adolescents’ participation in school sports and recreation programs declines with age. Many young people drop out of these programs because the activities are not fun, are too competitive, or demand too much time. Because definitions of fun and success vary with each person’s age, sex, and skill level, community sports and recreation programs should assess and try to meet the needs and interests of. These programs should also try to match the skill level of the participants with challenges that encourage skill development and fun and to develop programs that are not based exclusively on winning. Thus is the main reason why most physical activity for adults and seniors occur outside the traditional community centers, sports leagues and schools. The programs they are involved in are lifelong activities that you could perform in as a youth, senior and physically handicapped.

From my 20 years’ experience as a college basketball coach, college physical education professor, high school physical education teacher, recreational supervisor and Athletic Director. I have learned that school and community programs should promote regular physical activity among young people would be the most effective strategies for reducing the public health burden of chronic diseases associated with sedentary lifestyles. Programs that provide individuals with the knowledge, attitudes, motor skills, behavioral skills, and confidence to participate in physical activity may establish active life long lifestyles among young people that continue into and throughout their adult lives.

I believe that educators like me have been given not only an opportunity to educate but also the challenge to make a difference in how the students respond to teaching. The primary developing philosophy is one that has the professor and students actively collaborating upon the process of teaching. I believe that students learn best be a balance of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation upon the process of teaching. I emphasize that just a moderate level of physical activity as few as three times per week results in many health related benefits. I believe that students must be educated about the positive benefits of maintaining a quality of learning throughout their lives.

The ultimate goal in education is to provide a quality educational environment and curriculum that accommodates the needs of all social, industrial, business, and family structures within the community. I’m motivated to teach so I can take a leading role in teaching the knowledge, skill, and expertise that stimulate the learning process and encouraged the development of lifetime learning!

La Juan Lewis

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