Week 13 Learning Targets and Lesson Plans – Stations & Circuit Training Concept 15 Managing Diet and Activity for Healthy Body Fatness

Week 13

You can either complete assignments on google classroom or on www.coachlewispe.com to receive credit. You have three assignments each week to complete. I will post the live stream class times in google classroom.  I will also upload a recorded video of the weekly lesson on google classroom and on this website. If you have any questions or need help regarding any school or non related school issues, feel free to contact me.

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Weekly Assignments

1. Watch Weekly Video www.coachlewispe.com

2. Week Thirteen Assignments

Concept 15 Managing Diet and Activity for Healthy Body Fatness PowerPoint

Health Tracker worksheet

Ten Station Circuit Training Workout


BIG GROUP Circuit Training – Boot Camp Ideas

How to Lose Weight Counting Calories + My 2 Favorite Calorie Calculators

3. Perform the required 90 minutes physical activity for the week then complete Physical Activity Exercise Log Week 13

Live stream classes for this week will be Monday, Thursday and Friday November 16 to 20 2020.  Please check google classroom for live links. Recorded Lesson will be uploaded on Wednesday.

Week 13 Recorded Lesson

Lastly if you missed anything from last week please go to google classroom and complete the assignments.

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Weekly Unit Plan click on picture to view

PE-Recreational Lesson Plan

PE- Cooperative Skills and Groups

Week 17 Physical Education Learning Targets and Lesson Plans – Last Week Evaluating Fitness and Wellness Products

We go to the Swimming Pool on Mondays and Wednesdays. Bring towels and swimming materials.

Concept 23 Evaluating Fitness and Wellness Products: Becoming an Informed Consumer

PE-Recreational Lesson Plan

 Grocery Store Secrets: How to Shop Healthy at Walmart
The Whole Story l The History of Whole Foods Market®
Whole Foods Is Cheaper Than Walmart | Organic Food Challenge

Week 12 Physical Education Learning Targets and Lesson Plans – Cooperative Games & Recreation

We go to the weight room on Wednesday and Fridays. Workout sheets will be provide in weight room.

Concept 14 Nutrition

PE-Social Dance Lesson Plan #2
PE-Social Dance Lesson Plan #1
PE-Recreational Lesson PlanPE-Frisbee Lesson PlanPE-Frisbee SkillsPE-Frisbee Skills Exit Slip

How to play Ultimate 101 

PE- Cooperative Skills and Groups

How to play cornhole rules and scoring by Victory Tailgate

Cornhole Tips Cornhole Tossing Tip Strategy and CornHole Rules

PE-Setting a Personal Wellness Goal Exit SlipPE-Lifetime Activity Exit Slip